Elder Law

Elder Law

The elder law attorneys at Draneas Huglin Dooley LLC work with our clients to ensure the necessary legal documents are in place to allow one or more alternative decision-makers of their choice to handle their personal and financial issues if the clients become incapacitated. Some of these documents are Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives and Revocable Living Trusts.

When an individual does not appoint one or more persons to make medical, placement or financial decisions and becomes incapacitated, it may be necessary for the court to appoint a Guardian or Conservator. A Guardian is responsible for making decisions for the incapacitated person regarding daily living, placement in a nursing facility and other health care decisions. A Conservator manages the incapacitated person’s financial matters. Guardians and Conservators are supervised by, and report to, the Court on an annual basis or more frequently as necessary,


The elder law lawyers at Draneas Huglin Dooley LLC have many years of experience in establishing, defending and administering guardianships and conservatorships.

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    Elder Law

    We work with our clients to ensure the necessary legal documents are in place if the clients become incapacitated.

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