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Estate Planning & Administation

The estate planning attorneys at Draneas Huglin Dooley LLC will work with you to develop an estate plan that will best meet your goals for the disposition of your estate after death, for the succession of family businesses or asset protection. Whether you have a large, complex estate that requires intensive tax planning or a simple, non-taxable estate, our estate planning attorneys have the experience to help you. Many of our clients are business owners who need to either plan for the orderly succession of their business to the next generation or for the sale of the business. As part of the estate planning process our estate planning attorneys help clients plan for possible incapacity; create wills or trusts that will lead to efficient and cost-effective distribution of property and assets after death; and reduce the potential for contest of a will or trust.


Many clients are concerned that assets may be transferred after the client’s death to a loved one who is incapable of managing their financial affairs or that the assets may be used imprudently (e.g., due to dementia or other illnesses of aging, substances abuse issues or special needs). Our estate planning attorneys can create trusts with distribution provisions customized to the client’s special circumstances.

For those clients who wish to provide for their pets following the client’s death, our estate planning attorneys will draft specialized trust or will provisions to allocate funds for their care and to designate a caretaker.

Asset Protection

Our estate planning attorneys can help you identify asset protection strategies designed to shield and insulate your wealth from personal and business liability risks. Our clients include physicians, corporate officers, business and real estate owners who wish to practice their business or profession without jeopardizing the assets they have accumulated over the years.

Probate & Trust Administration

Our probate and trust administration attorneys work closely with personal representatives and trustees to complete the administration of estates in Oregon and Washington. We assist with the preparation and filing of documents with the court, inventorying and gathering together estate assets, settlement of claims, preparation of tax returns, interpretation of wills and the establishment of trusts included in wills, distribution of assets and post-death tax planning in the form of disclaimers.

If the dollar value of the assets passing through the estate of a deceased person falls within the limits set by law for a small estate proceeding, a full probate may not be necessary. In these cases, our probate attorneys assist a person to file a small estate affidavit with the courts to transfer the assets and ensure creditors are paid.

The real estate and business attorneys at Draneas Huglin Dooley LLC advise clients on a broad range of real estate matters:

  • Purchase and sale of real estate.
  • § 1031 exchanges.
  • Commercial, industrial and residential real estate leasing.
  • Real estate financing transactions.
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    Business Law

    We'll advise you on the best type of entity to form based upon your business and tax situation.

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    Real Estate & Estate Planning

    We'll work with you to develop an estate plan that will best meet your goals for the disposition of your estate after death.

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    Our tax attorneys regularly prepare all tax returns required by the death of an individual.

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    We advise clients on the adoption of various types of qualified retirement plans.

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    Elder Law

    We work with our clients to ensure the necessary legal documents are in place if the clients become incapacitated.

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    We specialize in estate planning, income tax planning, insurance plans, and more for avid car collectors.

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